About Us

BVL is the first Grassroots level volleyball league which started in 2020 during the pandemic, with a single minded focus of making volleyball, a game accessible to all the children in our villages. It is the brain child of Abhijeet Bhattacharya, former captain of the Indian Volleyball team, who has represented India in 100 plus matches in 22 tournaments, in the international arena. What started as an initiative of making sports a part of the lives of children, has now given the kids a bigger dream. To learn the sport and represent the country at bigger platforms. From a modest 50 teams in season 1, BVL season 2 is 209 teams strong from 93 villages across 28 districts of Assam.  

Mission -  

“To make volleyball a part of every child’s life and build teamwork, resilience, self discipline and sportsmanship spirit” 

Vision –

“To create a robust network for identifying, nurturing and developing grassroots sporting talent to represent the country in the future.”

“ To create advocacy for volleyball through partnerships ”

BVL has successfully brought out the camaraderie amongst the people of Assam and their focus towards buIlding  this sport. Teams are adopted by well wishers, sports lovers and many good samaritans and every village takes complete onus of taking care of the nutrition of kids during match days. 

BVL is being nurtured by players,  coaches,  community, and well wishers from all across the world.