Format of the game


·       To establish BVL as a professionally organized Grassroots volleyball league, with a presence in every district of our country

·       To become the ideal incubators for identifying and nurturing talent in the grassroots,  with a mission to help India win a medal at the Olympics.

·       To introduce volleyball into the lives of every child and make it an integral part of their childhood. 


BVL – Highlights

·       A pioneering sports league, introduced for the first time in India for promoting grassroots talent

·       Matches are  organized in ‘home’ and ‘away’ format.

·       BVL is gender inclusive, right from the beginning.

·       Teams are adopted by well-wishers, individually or collectively

·       Local community/ villagers take  ownership of organizing the ‘home’ matches.


Impact of BVL- Season 1

The first edition of BVL which was held for boys and girls in the Under-16 age category, concluded in Feb 2021, wherein 144 matches were played in 35 different villages among 50 teams for over a period of two and a  half months. 90% of the children participating in the league, went out of their villages to play a match and wore a team jersey for the first time in their lives. The community took the responsibility of hosting the matches in their respective villages. Former volleyball players of the state volunteered as officials and referees and every component of the league was crowd-funded, right  from prize money, logistics and  kit to  trophies and refreshments. All leading newspapers of the nation, including The Times of India and Hindustan Times, highlighted the impact of BVL on the community. In the first edition of BVL, 400 new players were identified and the best ones among them went on to represent the state in the Sub-Junior team.

BVL -Season 2 - Highlights

·       209 teams

·       69 girls teams

·       140 boys teams

·       93 villages/clubs

·       489 matches

·       2163 players

·       1500 volunteers

·       4 months of weekend volleyball

·       95 venues

·       5,00,000 live audience

·       44,000 min of live coverage of matches

·       24,450 community meals to be served

  • 4 categories (Under 16 & Under 21 Boys and Girls)


BVL – Season 2


Format, Rules and Regulation






(Born on or after)


Rules and Regulations

Under 16 Boys


4 vs 4

Modified BVL rules*

Under 16 Girls


4 vs 4

Modified BVL rules*

Under 21 Boys


6 vs 6

FIVB rules

Under 21 Girls


6 vs 6

FIVB rules


Format for BVL Season 2


The BVL Season 2 will be organized in three stages. The first stage will be played by teams within the same 'District'. The top teams from each district will then play in their respective 'Zones' in the second stage. Top teams from each of the 8 zones will then qualify to pay in the 'Super League',  which will be held at a neutral venue.


Format for Stage -1 matches – Intra District (allcategories)


The Stage 1 matches will be played amongst the teams from the same district. Since, the number of teams participating in every district will be different,a uniform pattern will be followed across all districts, depending upon the number of teams.



Number of teams in district


Points  system


Direct qualification for Stage 2.



One match at  home and one match at an away ground.

A Team winning a match in their 'Home' ground, will  get  2 points & a team winning a match in an 'Away' ground, will get 3 points.


All teams will play with each other in 'home' and 'away' format.        

A Team winning a match in their 'Home' ground, will  get  2 points & a team winning a match in an 'Away' ground, will get 3 points.

4  to 6

Two pools (A & B) will be created by a draw of lots. Matches in each pool will be played in 'Home' and 'Away' format. The top teams of pool A and Pool B will play one final match at a neutral venue,  to decide the district champion.   

A Team winning a match in their 'Home' ground, will  get  2 points & a team winning a match in an 'Away' ground, will get 3 points. (In the pool matches)


7  to  16

Teams will be divided into multiple pools of 2 teams each. (If the total number of teams in the district are an odd number, there will be one unique pool which will have 3 teams). Matches will be played in ‘home’ and ‘away’ format in all pools. The winners of each pool will then qualify to  play in a knock-out round at a neutral venue to decide the district champion.

A Team winning a match in their 'Home' ground, will  get  2 points & a team winning a match in an 'Away' ground, will get 3 points. (In the pool matches)


N:B: In case of a tie (two teams with same points), the ratio of set difference ( no. of set/s won, divided by no. of set/s lost)  will be taken into consideration to decide the top teams and if there is still a tie,  the ratio of the difference in points, will be taken into consideration. This rule will be applied for all the three stages in every category.  


Stage 2 (Zonal Round)

The winner of each category from every district will qualify for stage 2. 8 different zones will be created. Winners of each district will be clubbed in these 8 zones, with a minimum of 3 teams and a maximum of 4 teams in each zone. Stage 2 matches will be played in 'Home' and 'Away' format. The top team from each zone, i.e. 8 teams in each category, will qualify into the Super League.



The Super League will be held at a neutral venue.  The top 8 teams in each category, will be divided into two pools. Matches will be played in a round robin league format and the top 2 teams in each pool will qualify for the semi-final, knock-out round. The winners of the 2 semi-finals will play in the finals of the BVL Season 2.



Modified BVL rules for under 16 age category matches:

1.Matches will be played in a '4 v 4' format. There will be 4 playing members and 5 substitute  players per team. One substitution will be allowed against each player in one set.
2. The matches will be decided on the basis of  'best of 5 sets' and the team winning 3 sets first, will be  declared the  winner.
3.Every set will be of 25 points. In case there is a tie of scores at 24-24 each, the team leading with a minimum of 2 points, will be declared the winner. In case of a tie of sets at 2-2 setseach, the deciding 5th set will be played up to 15 points. In case of deuce at 14-14 (or further ahead) a minimum of 2 points' lead will be required to win the set. 
4.There will be no positional fault and no front court and back court i.e. all the 4 players will have the liberty to play in any position. However, the teams will have to maintain a rotational order to ensure, all the 4 players take the 'Serve', one after another. For example, if player “A” serves first, his next turn will come only after the remaining 3 players have taken their turns to serve.
5.There will be no Libero player.
6.Two time outs of 45 seconds each, will be allowed per set for each team.
7.One Coach will be allowed in the substitution bench besides the listed players.
8.In addition to the above mentioned modifications, rest of the rules will be as per the latest approved FIVB rules.
9.The players participating in a particular team (village/town), have to be a  native of the particular village/ district. In case a player is from a different district where there is no BVL team, the team in-charge has to take permission from AVM100 in advance.
10.Aadhaar Card is mandatory for proof of age and  in case of any player not having an Aadhaar Card, he/she will have to present his/her original Birth Certificate and  submit a letter from their respective School authorities, certifying their age as per school records. A district level age screening committee will verify the age of all those players who fail to submit their Aadhaar cardsbefore the BVL Season 2, starts. The decision of the age screening committee will be final. In case of any ambiguity, the decision of the AVM100 President will be final.