Season 2 is here!

Post on 07 Nov, 2021, By Administrator

All the moms in this village are gearing up to  'Serve' the most nutritious meals to the children, who are preparing to 'Ace' their game. The whole village is abuzz with excitement while the coaches are busy making last minute adjustments to their 6-2s & 5-1s. 

Welcome to Bajali district, where volleyball is in the air these days. With this high positivity rate, the two villages of Dharmatala and Bamunkuchi are gearing to host the  firat match of the Brahmaputra Volleyball League, Season 2.  

Wondering what is so special about Bajali district and these villages? Sachin Tendulkar once said “enjoy the game, chase your dreams , because dreams do come true“! These two teams and the entire volleyball community is living every word of this statement. By the way, the first volleyball team of this village was formed in 1950 and the people have kept the tradition alive since then. Many players from Bamunkuchi have represented their village at state and national level tournaments. 

Bamunkuchi is also home to famous litterateur, Dinanath Sarma, the editor of Assamese magazine 'Awahan' and academician, Harendra Nath Sarma, founder headmaster of Patacharkuchi Vidyapeeth. Sounds like the story of a place which gives importance to both academics and sports, doesn't it? 

Community’s Love for volleyball and passion of many players led to the formation of Dharmatala Volleyball Coaching Centre(DVCC). A great story of community involvement, where land came from Adarsha Vidyalaya, and resources were pooled in to create a great platform for children to learn and play Volleyball. With this kind of enthusiasm Bajali district indeed is a great place to kick off the BVL season 2.

Get ready for live Volleyball action from the first ever Grassroots Volleyball League in India. Keep an eye out for the smashes & spikes coming your way from Dharamtala, only on Sportvot

Dharmatala & Bamunkuchi are calling out to one and all, "Let’s Volleyball“!