US-based Arpita Majumder visits her past team - (Laina under 16 girls team)

Post on 10 Oct, 2022, By Administrator

US-based Arpita Majumder, who took on the Laina under-16 girls squad during BVL Season 2, stayed in touch with them long after the season was over. Additionally, she ordered a pair of shoes for each member of her team. She's currently traveling to India on vacation. She made the choice to travel from Guwahati to Tinsukia by overnight train despite her busy schedule in order to see her colleagues. Many of the village's sports-loving residents showed up to greet Arpita.
Thank you so much, Arpita for taking out time to make this trip.
Also my special thanks to @ Surajit, the center in charge of the Laina team for making all the arrangement
And to the team of Anushuya Saikia, Tinku Baruah British Rajat Kamal Baruah, and Sailesh Sarmah who coordinated her entire visit.