Uzan barbari vcc un 12 Boys

Kulajit Das

UZAN BAR BARI and VOLLEYBALL: A brief Insight 

   Introduction :- Uzan Bar Bari has a bright history of volleyball from the early seventy.Volleyball was played in Uzan Bar Bari and its became popular among the villagers. 

        Uzan Bar Bari volleyball playground is located in front of Uzan Bar Bari KIRTAN GHAR  and the playground is like a Temple for the youth of Uzan Bar Bari. Every people are emotionally relates with the game. Uzan Bar Bari produce a lots of player in state and  district level. Late Subhen Das and Dhiraj sarma (Mintu) represent in state level and Dipak Talukder, Dhrubajyoti Das, Chandra Talukdar, Maniram Kalita, Bablu Kalita, Kulajit Das, Apurba Talukdar, Manjit Das, Kingkar Talukdar, Krishnamani Kalita, Mrinmay Das, Sumit Das represents district level in various times. 

       Mr Abhijit Bhattacharya sir try to revive volleyball in assam. The concept of B V L is a silent revolution to Asam volleyball. Uzan Bar Bari volleyball coaching center was participated in B V L for the first time in 2021. For the second and third season Uzan Bar Bari volleyball coaching center is champion in district level (un 16 boys). 

     Conclusion :- It is very proud moment to us that Uzan Bar Bari volleyball coaching center and HANGSHA BAHINI YUBAK SANGHA organised volleyball compition  in village level, district level and state level. In 1991-92 a day  night volleyball compition was held a Uzan Bar Bari and former Indian captain Abhijit Bhattacharya sir was participated in the tournament.

     At last, on behalf of Uzan Bar Bari volleyball coaching center, I  wish all the members, organiser, mentors, players, and specially sponsor to uplift volleyball from grass root level. 

     I hope this show on must go on and volleyball will more famous in future.

Team Members

SURAJANANDAN KAKATI | A: 12Yrs | H: 150cmcm

GYANDEEP SALOI | A: 10Yrs | H: 143 cmcm

SURAV SALOI | A: 11Yrs | H: 150cmcm

JYOTIPAD TALUKDAR | A: 11Yrs | H: 144.78 cmcm

JYOTIRMAY DAS | A: 10Yrs | H: 144.78 cmcm

SHYAMAN TALUKDAR | A: 12Yrs | H: 149.86 cmcm

SINKU KALITA | A: 12Yrs | H: 144.78 cmcm

BITUPAN KALITA | A: 11Yrs | H: 137.16 cmcm

NIPON KALITA | A: 12Yrs | H: 134.62cmcm

MAUSAM TALUKDAR | A: 10Yrs | H: 134.62 cmcm

KULAJIT KALITA | A: 11Yrs | H: 137.16cm

NILAM KALITA | A: 10Yrs | H: 139.7 cmcm